Monday, September 30, 2013

Long e: ee, ea

Between the Lions
Double e Song

The Electric Company
'ea' Big Face Face Off

The Electric Company
'ee' Sound Carnival

The Electric Company
Danny's ''

Friday, September 20, 2013

Long U: u-e, ui, oo

Our videos for this week...

Between the Lions
Fonix- "Double o, oo"

Long a: a-e, ai, ay

This week's videos:

Between the Lions
Cliffhanger and the Rain

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Long o: oa, o-e

I homeschool my 7 year old daughter, Sweet Pea. We follow the Words Their Way spelling lists. The book has all kinds of activities listed to study words throughout the week.

Mondays we do a teacher sort. I model my thought process for the first word in each category. Then, I ask questions to guide her through the rest of the words.

Tuesday is a speed sort day. She sorts the words on her own as fast as possible. Then, she writes the words in her Word Study Notebook.

Wednesdays we watch videos and play a game. This week I found lots of great videos. As we watch the videos she adds words that follow the rules studied to her Word Study Notebook. Here are this week's videos.


Between the Lions
Cliff Hanger and the Enchanted Goat


The Electric Company
'oa' Song

Between the Lions
Dixie Chimps: Home Is Where Long o Is

Thursdays are game days. We played this game last week for long a. This week, we are looking for words with long o. When we find some, Sweet Pea records them in the appropriate column of her Word Study Notebook. No doubling is allowed. If the word is already written in the notebook, she can't duplicate it. She loves playing games. This game came from The Mailbox bought at my local teacher supply store.

Fridays are assessment days. I don't do your traditional assessment and my form takes longer. However, it gives me a chance to review old and new patterns, as well as sight words. I dictate sentences and she writes them. Sometimes, if I am busy with my two year old or the 2 month old twins, I let her create her own sentences.

How do your students practice spelling words throughout the week?